Terms & Conditions

We know how much you care about what you bring into your home, thank you for purchasing a Zoya Rug.



1. Cleaning :


When collected for cleaning by us, unless specifically arranged, carpets removed for cleaning will not automatically be re- laid.


2. Insurance :


The customer should notify his/her insurance company when valuable items are removed by the Owner before work is commenced.


3. The company Zoya assumes no responsibility for breakage or damage caused by our employees when asked by the owner to handle personal effects on private property.

The contents of display cabinets and breakable ornaments should be removed by the owner before work is commenced.


4. Limitations of responsibility :


The company ZOYA is not responsible for damage or defects prior to the commencement of work, nor for any hidden defects or conditions which may appear during or resulting from ordinary or normal processing.


  • Dry rot : weak or brittle condition of some rug backings

  • Fading : caused by sunlight and cannot be rectified

  • Water stains & sunshine stains set by age or heat

  • Discolorations of any kind, caused by urine, acids and alkaline or incorrect methods and materials used in home cleaning

  • Some kinds of rugs and carpets change texture or appearance and we cannot accept responsibility for same.





Our rugs are individually handmade and hand woven and as such they are subject to the following manufacturing variations, which are not considered faults or defects:


Being handmade , the size can vary by approximately 5% from the size ordered.


Our products are made primarily from natural and hand dyed fibers. Every effort is made to ensure there is minimal colour variation however some variation can be expected between dye lots.


Placing rugs in direct and continuous sunlight will cause them to fade. Dark colored products will fade more obviously in natural light or sunlight. Some colour may transfer on light colored surfaces. Rotate your rug to minimize damage caused by natural light.


Minor variations may be evident in the design and construction, including line or weave thickness, which is due to the fact that the product is a handmade item.


Shading may occur due to changes in pile and weave direction. Areas of the rug may appear to have changed colour where the pile is facing a different direction. This is a natural effect in the rug and cannot be prevented.


Often new rugs begin to produce fluff as a result of loose fibers that remain in the rug after the manufacturing process. This is not a fault of the rug, but a standard characteristic of wool rugs. With regular vacuuming this will reduce over time.


Pilling can occur due to traffic, moving of furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. This can be carefully trimmed with scissors.


Occasionally loose yarn ends will rise above the pile surface. This is a characteristic of the type of weave, and all hand tufted rugs, not a manufacturing fault. The loose yarns can be carefully trimmed or pushed through.

The above information is only recommendations. We do not accept any responsibility for the treatments and cannot ensure the desired effect. Permanent marks and stains can still occur despite a correct application due to the chemical properties of a stain or the circumstances it occurred.

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