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We will need to know the fibre of your rug/s & the size of the rug/s in meters.

Please attach a photo of your rug/s if possible. 


Our Rug Cleaning Process :


The rug cleaning service we offer is done within our premises at

31 Vineyard Road, Claremont, Cape Town.

We dont not clean fitted, wall to wall carpets. 


We begin by beating the rug/s with a machine, which removes alot of the dirt from the rug/s. We then inspect the rug/s for any stains with an appropriate stain remover, we spot treat the stains accordingly.


The rug/s are then submerged in a pool of temperature controlled water, washed by hand the traditional way and then its rinsed out well with clean water. 


It is then air dried completely,  one of our managers completes the final Quality Control inspection and gets the rug/s ready for delivery.


We specialise in removing Pet Urine from rugs.

Rug Cleaning Services (Cape Town Only)

VAT Included